Kaishin Ginsanko Gyuto 210mm
Kaishin Ginsanko Gyuto 210mm
Kaishin Ginsanko Gyuto 210mm
Kaishin Ginsanko Gyuto 210mm
Kaishin Ginsanko Gyuto 210mm

Kaishin Ginsanko Gyuto 210mm

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Brand: Kaishin

Production Location: Sakai, Japan

Knife Type: Gyuto

Blade Grind: Double Edge

Steel type: Ginsanko

Blade Length: 210mm

Total Length: 370mm

Blade Height from heel: 45mm

Weight: 156g

Blade Thickness from heel: 3mm

Handle: Quince Burl wood or Japanese Cedar wood

Saya Included: Optional


Ginsan steel also called Silver 3 is widely used for knives and scissors. It has excellent stainless properties which mostly eliminates the wiping of the blade on every use as it doesn't rust as quickly as carbon knives. It is corrosion resistant, generally easy to sharpen and takes an acute edge. The knife on the picture is fitted with a Quince Burl Wood handle with White Buffalo ferrule and finished off with Urushi lacquer. It's ergonomically designed which eases the hands on multiple cutting tasks. 


The Gyuto is the Japanese version of a Western chef's knife which is an all purpose knife but is thinner, lightweight and maintains a longer edge retention. Compared to its European style counterpart which has a belly and is used in a rocking style motion, a gyuto has a flatter profile and is used with a push cutting motion. The gyuto very well shines on precision cuts but because it is usually thin so care must be taken to avoid chipping.

Nakamura Knives

Headed by Mr. Nakamura who was a professional sushi chef turned knife company CEO, he started Nakamura Knives on 2015 in Chiba, Japan. His goal is to give the consumer the best knife service by offering the finest custom order Japanese knives in the market.

Together with some of the best craftsmen in Sakai City, Osaka he introduced his original brand for high end model knives called


"Kai" means a pioneer (魁)

"Shin" means spirit (心)