Isasmedjan 270mm Sujihiki with Saya

Isasmedjan 270mm Sujihiki with Saya

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Precisely tailored to Sushi Chefs, striving for quality at every level.

These Isasmedjan Sujihikis are rocking a German 1.2519 high carbon core steel sandwiched between wrought iron. It is one of the finest non stainless steel which is also similar to the Japanese Aogami#2 carbon steel.

Because of its metal composition it allows blacksmiths to forge it into a very thin grind. It also boasts high wear resistance, high edge retention, razor sharp edge and ease on sharpening.

The knife choices are 270mm or 300mm long with a spine thickness of 4mm tapering down to the middle with 1.5mm and very thin to the tip. The blade length helps for that one perfect slice of seafood, meat or soft produce without having to saw your way through it.

The spine and choil area are very smooth and well sanded for ease of grip and will leave your index finger uncalloused even on long use.

With 180g of weight and blade heavy this is a perfect match for chefs who likes a hefty blade which helps in slicing without putting too much pressure on hands and arms.

Lastly it is fitted with a smooth well crafted octagon Burnt Oak wood handle which lends to an easy grip. Gives you total control for precision and maximum performance.