Knife Care

Knife Care
1. For rust prevention:
  a. Keep it clean and dry as much as possible.  
  b. If you're not using your knife for a long time  rub a small amount of mineral oil on it. Tsubaki oils are available in the website.
2. For chip prevention:
a. Avoid cutting any hard items such as frozen foods or bones
b. Avoid twisting your knife on mid-cut of harder foods
c. Avoid leaving your knife piled with other knives in a storage. Keep it covered or organized in such a way that it won't rub with other steels.
3. Clean your knife only by hand washing with warm water and soap. Don't use a dish washer.
4. Only use whetstones for Japanese knives. No steel honing rods or any other sharpening devices. Whetstones are available in the website, please ask if you need assistance.
5. Use proper cutting boards. End grain wooden boards are highly recommended.
*To be able to benefit and maximize the potential of these hand forged knives one very important factor is being able to know how to maintain them.
Please see the Knife Care section for more information about proper handling of knives.
Any damages that happens to the knife is the sole responsibility of the owner.
All sales are final. Thank you.