Hi welcome to Knifeline. My name is Anthony and I am the owner and creator of this online shop.
I currently work as a full time Chef and have used Japanese knives since my younger cook days.
It is one of those things that became so much a part of our identity, that it would be best for anybody to ask first before our knives are even slightly touched :)
   A little knife history.
Knives have been part of our lives since prehistoric times which is as early as two and a half million years ago. It is one of the most important tools to prepare our food, make clothing, medical operations, carpentry, weaponry, etc. 
Knives made our life easier, which led for us to have more time to pursue other passions, work on other responsibilities or simply just to relax and enjoy our day.
As for me as a Chef, a sharp knife that has a good edge retention, easy to sharpen and aesthetically pleasing is all that I need. The easier and faster for me to finish my prep the more time I have to do other things. 
Time is one of the most essential things in running a restaurant especially with its very tight deadlines.
This is where these special knives comes in. Japanese style knives have been my constant companion ever since I held my first one. I take great pride on having partnered with some of the best master blacksmiths in Japan and Sweden.
With precision and maximum performance as their constant pursuit in producing these blades, they have been able to create tools that are truly fit for the rigorous tasks in a professional kitchen.  It is a testament of their passion, creativity and dedication. And as a Chef these are qualities that I also uphold and I am proud to share these special tools to be also part of your daily life.
Feel free to browse around and message me for any inquiries. Thank you for your time and support.
Stay Calm & Sharp,
Anthony Esquivel
One of the greatest achievements of Japan has been that of their blade smiths who have maintained tradition and excellence until this modern age. With this kind of dedication and commitment slowly becoming obsolete and less younger people are taking up the craft, it's now on us as professional Chefs to be pillars of what they are standing for and not let this quality craftsmanship become a thing of the past.
It is my honor to be part of the proliferation of this art form from now and keenly on to the future.