Zanshin Hinoura

Trained by his father Master Tsukasa Hinoura since 2001, it's great to see Mutsumi's evolution as a knife maker and as a proud bearer of the torch.

They are also known for making hunting and outdoor knives which carries the same qualities as their kitchen knives in terms of quality heat treatments, fit and finish and sharpness.

I had the privilege to meet both of them back in January and it was amazing to see their dedication in their craft. I remember that as soon as I came out of the Shinkansen train, just a few walks one would see right away their displayed blades and even a video of the process of their work.

The vibe in their factory is energetic and at the same time dripping with passion. Every little thing is paid with enormous attention combined with ease. And it definitely shows on their finished products.

With Hinoura’s knife making history tracing back to Meiji era and its founder Shintaro Hinoura since 1912, we can expect from Mutsumi to continue their life long legacy.