Isasmedjan by Jonas Johnsson

My name is Jonas Johnsson and I run Isasmedjan.

I don´t remember when my interest for blacksmithing started but it got a serious boost about 8 years ago when I took a week course in basic blacksmithing at Ryfors bruk here in Sweden, the teacher was Gustav Thane, one of Sweden's most renowned blacksmiths.

It took a couple of years before I could setup my own small forge, I now have my shop in a small garage next to my house, there I have learned this craft by trial and error.

Since autumn 2016 I have run Isasmedjan part time as a small business next to my day job in the marine business.

I have gone to almost exclusively forge and make knives, mostly chef knives with traditional Japanese profiles but also hunting knives and art knives. I also forge blades which I sell to Scandinavian knifemakers.

I take pride in creating functional pieces of art and I am constantly seeking inspiration and knowledge about making the best knife possible not only suitable for it´s task but also pleasant to the eye. 

Kind Regards